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Dental Management Advisors (or DMACares) helps you get back to the life you dreamed of when you first started practicing.

Even with front and back office staff, a lot still falls to you, as the owner of the practice. Managing the ‘store’, so to speak, handling human resources issues, dealing with customer complaints that have escalated. And, of course, treating people.

You became a dentist to treat people, to help them, and it sometimes feels as though the energy that you felt for the work in the early days is starting to peter out. You’re feeling burnt out, running in all directions.

Perhaps it’s time to sit back and take stock. If you can do this from a beach with an umbrella drink in your hand, or on the back nine of a gorgeous golf course, more’s the better but regardless of how you stop and review, if you’re feeling as I described above, it’s time to stop and take a look at how you’re doing business.

Ultimately, your dental practice is a highly skills based enterprise but dentistry is still a business. You have competition, marketing needs, human resources issues, financial / budgetary considerations, and the like. These can quickly become overwhelming if not handled.

Typically, a dental practice will have several areas where time is being ill-spent, which can be alleviated with the right processes and systems in place, allowing you to free up some of your time to do the work that you would prefer to be doing anyway.

Staffing your practice, keeping up to date with current labor laws, ensuring that there are standards in place for inter-staff engagement, training and certification are all issues that you need to keep control of.

For the lack of adequate systems for managing patient information quickly and securely, many practices lose a lot of time that could be spent more efficiently on servicing the customer. A system that in itself becomes overwhelming because of the way it has to be managed is not a system: it’s controlled chaos, which is bad for business.

You need to do the work that you enjoy and that capitalizes on your skills and education. In other words, do what you do best. You don’t need to be bogged down in marketing plans and management conundrums. Let others do that.

Contact the experts at Dental Management Advisors and we’ll help you get back to doing more of what you love.

Our Consultants

Dental management advisor

Jennifer McDonald – Dental Consultant and Managing Partner

Jennifer McDonald has been providing management and technology solutions to dentists for over twenty years. She is Managing Partner of Dental Management Advisors and focuses on practice development and management, and practice transitions. Mrs. McDonald’s client base consists of over 500 general and specialty practices nationwide. Nationally recognized as a speaker in the area of practice management and technology integration. Mrs. McDonald has presented to the American Dental Association, The Academy of General Dentistry, The Yankee Dental Congress, and many others. She has also lectured for various prestigious dental schools including the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Dentistry, Loma Linda, Georgia Regents University and the Royal College of Surgeons in London.


Her articles on business and technology solutions have been published in The
Journal of the American Dental Association, Dentistry Today, Dental Economics,
Dental Products Report, and Alpha Omegan
. She is the author of Powerful Practice (published in partnership with the ADMC).


She is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and TAG. From single-doctor start up practices to group practice, her combined management and technology expertise offers a well-rounded approach to supporting doctors and team in realizing the practice of their dreams.


Managing Partner and Consultant, Dental Management Advisors

Member, Academy of Dental Management Consultants

President, McDonald Harbor Consulting, Inc.

2006-2008 Assc. Director, Georgia Institute of Technology Dental Technology Center

2003-2008, Consultant, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Affiliate, Drevenstedt Consulting

Founder, MultiCom Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Little Dental Management Advisors Dental Practice ManagementDr Randall Little 

A graduate of Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, Dr. Little holds a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. In 2001, Dr. Little also completed a Mini Residency for Implants at Medical College of Georgia.


Dr. Little has been practicing dentistry since 1988.  He started his career treating patients in a family members dental practice prior to joining Nanston Dental Group in 1989.  At Nanston, Dr. Little rose quickly as a top producing dentist, which he attributes to his mentor, Dr. John C. Johnston, who taught him so much about total comprehensive treatment planning and being passionate about the delivery of care to each and every patient.  Dr. Johnston challenged Dr. Little to later give it away and teach others the same – pay it forward by mentoring to senior and new doctors what was working so well for him. Dr. Little is proud to say that through mentoring, he was able to achieve results of $20,000 – $40,000 increase in production per doctor mentored, which was a benefit not only to the provider; but the company as well.  Dr. Little would say this was a win-win and is very rewarding.

With the company’s growth, Dr. Little was promoted to Clinical Director and although he reduced his chair-side days, with his loyal patient base, he still maintained his level of production.  In Dr. Little’s role of Clinical Director, he was able to improve overall quality, production and lab relations for over 40 doctors.  As part of mentoring, Dr. Little was also able to know when a doctor just didn’t fit or was resistant to growing as a clinician.  Dr. Little’s responsibilities were centered around what we referred to as HUB offices, which included GP’s, Specialists and 6-8 full time hygienists all under one room and were 30-40 operatories and generated revenues up to $7.5 million in one facility.  Additionally, Dr. Little has also owned and operated 3 private practice dental offices (2 that were merged into Nanston and 1 active practice presently).  In Dr. Little’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family.  He is married and has one son.  He also is avid at staying fit and healthy.


American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, North Georgia District Association

Beta Kappa Kappa Honor Society



Give Kids A Smile®

Parent Teacher Association

Donate a Smile- for abused women

Multiple career days at local dental schools

Jamaica dental mission in Mandeville Parish, Jamaica



“Top Gun” and Table Clinic awards

Dental management advisors dental practice managementDolly Gaines – Dental Consultant

Dolly Gaines is a highly motivated energetic trainer, speaker, and consultant that delivers customized and results-driven keynotes for all dental professionals with relevant learning outcomes in relation to leadership, communication, Consultative Case Presentation ™ and combined programs of practice development and change strategies that create tracked success! She provides true hands-on training, complete analysis, and structured advice for building and maintaining practice success.

She has over 21 years of extensive experience with dentists, administrative staff, leadership staff and clinical professionals. Ms. Gaines’ diverse experience in dentistry includes positions as, an expanded duties dental assistant, digital radiography / imaging and intra-oral photography trainer, treatment consultant, practice coordinator, and director, dental practice management consultant, and speaker.

Dolly Gaines has over 2,000 hours of Continuing Education in Dental Practice Management, Marketing.


The Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (Boston 2001, San Francisco 2000,)
Excellence in Dentistry Profitable Dentist (Destin 2001)
Thomas P. Hinman (Georgia Dental Assistant Association 2007)
North Georgia Seattle Study Club 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

Ms. Gaines is available to provide comprehensive observation, hands on training, and coaching to clients to raise the grade in excellence!


Member, The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Active Board Member, The Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


Certified in Expanded Duties Dental assisting

Clinical Excellence, Successful Hygiene STM programs, Customer Service, Leadership, Communications and Customer service, Team-building and Motivation (Las Vegas Institute (LVI), AACD, Excellence in Dentistry, Hinman, The Ritz Carlton, Franklin Covey, Success seminars, Fred Pryor Seminars, Zig Zigler seminars, Various local study club, Tennessee Dental Association, Georgia Dental association, and The Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)


dental management advisors consultantsColleen Mondry

Colleen Mondry began her dental career over 22 years ago with Nanston Dental Group, P.C. as an Administrative Assistant. Colleen supported the President of Nanston, Inc., as well as, the Founder and President of the Dental Group. During Colleen’s tenure, she was involved in many aspects of the business of dentistry and became most focused in Human Resources. Together with the Founder, who was a practicing dentist and a pioneer of Dental Service Organizations, they were responsible for doctor recruitment and retention of a panel of 61 doctors and 77 hygienists. Colleen has a real commitment to, and talent for, seeking out professionals that fit the great opportunities available in the dental industry and for our DMA clients.