Don’t Throw in the Towel Just Yet!

You want to grow or change your current dental practice. We’ve got some strategies for you to consider.

Your practice seems to be busy and you’ve reached what seems to be the limit of what you can do to grow it. It’s frustrating because you’re thinking that there should be more opportunity for growth but you’re not sure how to go about it. Eventually, that frustration with the stagnation of growth turns into burn out.

Even the most passionate dental professional will hit a point where they are just plainly burnt out; but that’s not the time to get out of dentistry. It’s time to give yourself a ‘time out’ and figure out what your next steps are going to be.


There are certain subgroups of patients that require specialized care. Individuals with specific medical conditions, like cancer or heart conditions or individuals like children on the autism spectrum, require specialized dental care. By acquiring the necessary skills, whether self-taught or through programs, or bringing on a partner who already has these, the practice can be expanded to include these specialties. Becoming an expert in and then marketing to these very specific groups allows you to grow the practice in a focused way.

Expand the service offering

If your office could provide restorative services, such as those of a denturist or dental surgeon, and become a “one stop shop” for patients, they would be more likely to choose you. This is particularly true if you’ve established trust with patients: they will be more comfortable with more complex procedures because the trust they have in you and your team will be extended naturally and organically to the specialists.

Whether you hire a specialist, combine practices or simply co-share a space, the opportunity to cross-market your services and eliminate some overhead costs would be a huge opportunity for growth. Just take care that you are comfortable with the new additions, as it is the hard won trust of your patients that you are sharing.

Be patient focused

Extended hours, free WIFI on site, and television screens are all valuable tools to ensure that not only you are able to attract new customers, but your existing customers are happy as well. These aren’t major investments – with the possible exception of extended hours – but can make a difference!

We’d all like to be done work at 2 p.m. every day, but the reality is that a lot more individuals are working at odd hours. Having extended and even weekend hours available for appointments, whether you do it yourself or bring on a junior partner to split the load, gives your patients a clear indication that they are getting value for their money and that you care about their needs.

Speaking of money, according to the ADA, one of the single largest barriers to people coming in and having necessary dental work done is just that: money. Bringing in systems that facilitate the financing of expensive, out-of-pocket services will increase the chance that a person will have the work done rather than avoiding it. It has to be easy for both you and the patient to manage the process in order for it to be leveraged.

Embrace technology

It’s not just the latest and greatest in digital imaging that will help you grow, although investment in dental innovation is a great way to stay on top. No, we’re thinking about other systems: How about the ability for your patients to book their appointments online? Receive reminders via email or text (rather than a phone call)? Refer you to their friends easily and receive a promotion when they do? As innovations change, ‘business as usual’ can’t be your mantra.

These are the kinds of things younger patients are looking for – and let’s face it, growing a practice requires you to have a range of ages when it comes to patient demographics. These types of innovations also have the advantage of freeing up staff time. Instead of making dozens of reminder calls, a system can send out texts and emails to those who prefer it that way.

Don’t get stuck stagnating in your practice. There are ways to change and grow, keeping it interesting for you and lucrative too.

Contact the experts at Dental Management Advisors and we’ll help you get back to doing more of what you love.

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