Our consultants at Dental Management Advisors are dynamic speakers and bring years of experience to audiences large and small.

Some of the topics we present on include:

Who Moved My Patients? – Changes in the dental workspace.

This program identifies changes in dentistry and discusses how it will impact practice transitions, start-ups and current business strategies. Attendees will learn how to plan the practice succession that fits their individual vision.

Audience: Doctors and administrators
Time: 2 hours

Dental Marketing Made Easy – Attracting and retaining quality patients

The program focuses on successful internal marketing concepts designed for today’s potential dental patient. Attendees will learn how to plan and execute a dynamic internal marketing program.

Audience: Dental Team
Time: 2 – 4 hours

Help! My Schedule Looks Like Swiss Cheese!

This program addresses the common disease in dentistry – broken appointments. Attendees will learn how to reduce last-minute changes in the schedule. Attendees will learn the step-by-step process for “the new-age recall system”.

Audience: Dental Team
Time: 2 – 4 hours

Customer Service Inside Out

The program delves into the demands of today’s dental consumer. IF consumer needs are changing, how is your practice changing to meet those needs? Attendees will learn how to identify patient’s wants and create customer service platforms that exceed their expectations.

Audience: Dental Team
Time: 2- 4 hours

Increasing Treatment Acceptance – REVISITED

“True” treatment acceptance figures indicate treatment acceptance for general dentistry is about 32% (down from 78%). Are your patients asking the question – “What will my insurance pay?” Attendees will learn how to double treatment acceptance. (Actual case studies will be presented.)

Audience: Dental Team

Time: 2 – 4 hours

If Everyone Could Just Be Like ME!

…. Life would be much easier. Right?

Discover how people make decisions, handle conflict and address responsibilities in different ways. Using this easy to understand system for identifying adult buying patterns will set you on the path to retaining more new patients and maintaining better relationships with the ones you have.

Attendees will learn how to:
Turn phone calls into patients
Improve patient relations
Motivate patients
Handle conflict

Getting Real: Addressing the MOST Common Practice Barriers

Barrier #1: Low new patient numbers
Barrier #2: HiGH broken appointments
Barrier #3: Low case acceptance
Barrier #4: Management WoesL

custom training for dental practiceUnderstanding the practice numbers is only part of the battle. Attendees will review several problem practices to learn the underlying causes of the most typical malfunctions and discover how easy to follow systems were put in place to remove the barriers to success.

Today’s Concerned, Conservative Patient.

This course addresses how to identify the patient’s real barriers to treatment and how to work with the patient to motivate them to accept needed care.

Attendees will be able to:
(1) Identify the Five barriers to treatment acceptance
(2) Understand what really motivates the patient
(3) Align with the patient’s “life place”
(4) Create a customized treatment plan designed to increase treatment acceptance

Programs for Management:

Human Resource Management Essentials

Course contents include:
Team Developmental – Behavior profiles;
Standard Operating Procedures;
Hiring Done RIGHT! – Recruitment, interviewing, reference checks, and putting it all in writing; new hire training checklist;
Performance Planning and Reviews;
Time management for the administration of the practice;

Practice Financial Considerations

Course contents include:
Learn to interpret key reports;
Understand what your numbers are telling you;
Managing the money
Working with bankers and accountants


Course contents include:
Customer Service with The Telephone;
Creating a customized marketing plan;
The essentials about Patient Surveys;
Performance Planning and Reviews;
Customized External marketing Campaigns


Course contents include:
Seven Essentials of great scheduling
Block scheduling
Preventing broken appointments,
Scheduling goal setting,
Creating a productive schedule

Recall Essentials

Course contents include:
Researching your recall effectiveness;
The Clinical Component to an Effective Recall System;
The Administrative Component to an Effective;
Recall System;
Assigning responsibility for recall follow-up.

Financial & Insurance Essentials

Course contents include:
Five Critical Computer Reports to Know;
Practice Financial Management;
Dental Insurance: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly;
How to educate patients about “their” insurance benefits;
Dental Insurance Processing, tracking, follow-up and monitoring;
“Show ME the Money” – the “how to” of collections;
Practice Management By-the-Numbers.

New Patient Process

Course contents include:
Professionalism and How to Impress Your New Patients;
Priceless Do’s & Don’ts During the New Patient Examination;
Financial Arrangements Protocol;
Patient Financing Essentials;
Dynamic Treatment Consultations;
The Five P’s of financial arrangements;
After the Consultation Follow-up;


NOTE: All programs will include “Ask The Expert”. This portion of the program enables attendees to ask questions and discuss current concerns or issues. This enables the attendees to make the program their own.

If you are interested in having one of our expert consultants speak at one of your upcoming events, please contact us at:

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